Our Committee

How does it work?

Layer Preschool is a registered charity and committee run preschool. Committee members are volunteer parents, past and present, who work closely with the Preschool Manager, Office Manager and staff. Together they make decisions regarding all aspects of preschool and have a responsibility to ensure that decisions made are in the best interest of the preschool, the children and the families we serve.

The committee are responsible for organising our fundraising events throughout the year. All proceeds raised by the committee are invested into toys and equipment for the children.

Being on the committee is a rewarding role and allows you to become involved in shaping the future of your child’s preschool. In order for us to continue to develop, we need new parents with passion and ideas to join our team. If you are interested in becoming a committee member then please email us on info@layerpreschool.co.uk or speak to a member of our team.


Chair Person | Member since 2014

Caroline is a long standing member of our committee and recently moved into the position of Chairman. As part of this role Caroline chairs all committee and annual meetings, co-ordinates the work of the Committee and line manages the Manager of Preschool. Both of Caroline’s children attended Layer Preschool.


Member since January 2019 

Jane’s eldest child attended preschool and her youngest currently attends.


Treasurer | Member since September 2007

Jo, our longest serving member, keeps a record of all the Preschool’s financial transactions. She monitors current level of funds and assists in the preparation of our management accounts. Jo is also responsible for payment of the staff’s wages. Both of Jo’s children attended Layer Preschool.


Member since January 2019 

Emma’s eldest child attended preschool.


Member since June 2019

Lucie’s eldest and middle child attended preschool and her youngest currently attends.


Secretary | Member since January 2016

As Secretary, Karena organises our meetings and takes meeting minutes. She also takes a lead role in organising fundraising events. Both of Karena’s children attended Layer Preschool.


Member since January 2019 

Alice’s eldest child currently attends preschool.


Member since February 2020

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Registered Charity Number 1055207